UNLV Applied Geophysics Center Equipment Costs and Use Policy

The Applied Geophysics Center (AGC) is a Recharge Center that must account for the operating costs of the equipment it uses and maintains.

Equipment use is charged by the day. A mobilization fee is charged for preparing the equipment for use. Mobilization costs shown are estimates, contact us for details. Fuel, mileage, materials, and supply costs are also associated with the use of this equipment.

The user pays all shipping and transportation fees. The user is also responsible for insuring equipment during shipping and use and is responsible for damage or loss of equipment or components.

Equipment use must be accompanied by a completed UNLV Equipment Loan Agreement.

Indirect costs may also apply. Please contact us to have a cost estimate prepared for the particulars of your project.


Minivib: IVI T7000 vibroseis

$ 875.00

$ 525.03

Ford F250 support vehicle for minivib: $ 0.91/mile



SUV: Chevrolet Tahoe $ 0.565/mile



Seismograph system, 144 channels, with 4.5# Hz geophones

$ 285.00

$ 424.29

Geophones : Sercel L4C 1 Hz (16ea)

$ 110.00

$ 74.29

GPR : Noggin Smart Cart with 250 MHz, 500 MHz, 1000 MHz antennas

$ 110.00

$ 77.14

Resistivity: AGI Sting / Swift R1 terrain conductivity meter 28 Electrode

$ 110.00

$ 57.14

Conductivity : Geonics EM-31

$ 110.00

$ 34.29

Total Station: Topcon GTS-803B with data collector, prism

$ 110.00

$ 91.43

Downhole geophone:System Geostuff BHG-2 triaxialborehole geophone, 14 HZ resonant frequencty & Controller

$ 110.00

$ 28.57

Magnetometer: Geometrics G-856 proton precession

$ 110.00

$ 37.14

SASW testing: Agilent 35670A 4-channel dynamic signal Analyzer & 1Hz geophones


$ 94.29

Truck Usage Policy

Signing out the AGC truck is mandatory when using it. Signout is acknowledgement that you are aware of and responsible for compliance with the following policies:

1. Vehicles are for official business only and are not to be taken home or used otherwise without permission from one of the Center directors (Drs. Luke and Taylor).
2. Drivers must have a valid Nevada Driver's License, and present it to the Lab Staff when picking up the keys. Drivers are restricted to:

  • UNLV Classified Staff
  • UNLV Faculty
  • Students employed by UNLV

3. Passengers are restricted to:

  • UNLV employees
  • UNLV students
  • Individuals collaborating on UNLV projects or programs

4. All occupants must wear seat belts at all times the vehicle is in motion. A driver to whom the vehicle is assigned is responsible to verify that all passengers wear seat belts while in the vehicle.
5. The driver to whom the vehicle is assigned is responsible for the conduct of the trip.
6. Driver must fill out mileage log completely.
7. Out-of-pocket vehicle expenses will be reimbursed only if reasonable and documented. The AGC will not reimburse for living or travel expenses incurred as a result of vehicle breakdown.
8. The AGC takes reservations on a first come, first served basis. If a reserved vehicle is not used, your group will be charged if another group is denied use because of non-availability. Please cancel your reservations early.
9. Your group will be charged for any damages to the vehicle. If the vehicle is left unreasonably dirty, cleaning costs may also be assessed. Incompetent or abusive use of the vehicle may result in the loss of driving privileges.
10. The entity using the vehicle will be responsible for any and all damages to the vehicle and its surroundings due to negligence in observing all posted road restrictions and laws.